What we know for sure:

1. Time is so valuable when you become a parent
2. Babies need a lot of things
3. It is important to watch your kids grow because it happens so fast

On a mission

Our mission is to design products that make caring for your baby easier by keeping things tidy, organized, and comfy.

We want to help as many parents as we can to feel confident and prepared so they can focus on spending more time with their family and less time planning, cleaning, and searching for what they need to care for their baby.

Things we keep in mind when designing our products

1. Safety: No choking hazards or chance of strangulation/entanglement
2. Easy to use: Parents should be able to find it convenient and practical
3. Design: Simple, modern, and comfy for baby
4. Easy to clean: Machine washable and dryer-friendly, whenever possible

Company History

Mālama Baby first opened its doors in October of 2008, although Carie, the owner and founder, started working on her first product (invention), the Snuzi, in October of 2007. The Snuzi had to be designed to perfection!